Five Reasons To Move To Henderson Nevada

If you are considering a move, you may have contemplated the benefits of living in several locations. With that said, Henderson Nevada is a great place that should be placed somewhere at the top of your possibilities list. Here are five reasons that this city deserves that spot.

1. Proximity To Las Vegas

Some people love Las Vegas, but they have reservations about moving to such a busy city. Henderson Nevada is an ideal location because it is a quiet residential community, yet it is only 16 miles away from Sin City. This means that you can step out of your door and head to the Strip and be there in less than thirty minutes.

2. Weiss Deli

Now it may seem strange to base an entire move on one restaurant, but if you are from the East Coast, you know how important a great deli is. Moving to this city means that you will not have to sit around yearning for whitefish, matzoh ball soup and all of the other things that are easy to find across the country. It will be right in your backyard.

3. Walking Trails

For those who love the outdoors, there are more than 80 miles of trails located in Henderson. You can use them to walk, bike or saddle up and ride a horse. There is nowhere else in the state that is close to the Vegas nightlife yet perfect for those who love to be outside.

4. Lions

Being a lion tamer is a dream that many have had, yet it seems to be an impossible concept. This is not the truth at all. There is a ranch in the city that is home to all of the lions that are retired from MGM. You can head there and take advantage of a program that allows average people to become trainers for a day.

5. Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Those who have families know how important it is to have a place where you can all spend time together. Cowabunga Bay Water Park is the perfect place to spend time with those you love. It covers over 20 acres of land, so there is plenty for everyone to do.

As you can see, there are several compelling reasons Henderson should be one of your top considerations. With so many positives, it would be a mistake not to add it to your list.